Pages configuration

1. Position section of the modules list.

After activating all necessary modules you need to assign them to correct positions. In PrestaShop admin panel from the top menu select Modules > Positions. To place module in the required position just drag it to the position section of the modules list.

Module namePositionOrder
TM Social Feeds v1.2.4 displayRightColumn 1
Layered navigation block v2.2.0 displayLeftColumn 1
Wishlist block v1.3.2 displayLeftColumn 2
My Account block v1.4.1 displayLeftColumn 3
CMS block v2.1.2 displayLeftColumn 4
Manufacturers block v1.4.1 displayLeftColumn 5
Suppliers block v1.2.1 displayLeftColumn 6
New products block v1.10.1 displayLeftColumn 7
Top-sellers block v1.8.1 displayLeftColumn 8
Tags block v1.3.1 displayLeftColumn 9
Theme configurator v2.1.2 displayLeftColumn 10
TM Slider v1.0.0 displayLeftColumn 11
TM HTML Content v1.1 displayLeftColumn 12
TM Social Feeds v1.2.4 displayLeftColumn 13
Theme configurator v2.1.2 displayHome 1
SmartBlog Home Latest v2.0.1 displayHome 2
Facebook block v1.4.1 displayHome 3
Custom CMS information block v1.6.1 displayHome 4
Deal of the day v1.0.1 displayHome 5
TM Category Products v1.0.0 displayHome 6
TM Slider v1.0.0 displayHome 7
TM HTML Content v1.1 displayHome 8
TM Look Book Home Page v1.0.0 displayHome 9
TM Mosaic Products v1.0.0 displayHome 10
TM Social Feeds v1.2.4 displayHome 11
Featured products on the homepage v1.8.1 displayHome 12
TM Google Map v1.1.5 displayHome 13
TM 360 view v1.0.1 displayHome 14
Permanent links block v0.3.1 displayTop 1
Cart block v1.6.1 displayTop 2
Top horizontal menu v2.0.9 displayTop 3
Pages not found v1.5.1 displayTop 4
Search engine keywords v1.4.1 displayTop 5
Product Comments v3.6.1 displayTop 6
Wishlist block v1.3.2 displayTop 7
TM Search v1.1.1 displayTop 8
TM Slider v1.0.0 displayTop 9
TM HTML Content v1.1 displayTop 10
TM Social Feeds v1.2.4 displayTop 11
TM Mega Menu v1.7.3 displayTop 12
Newsletter block v2.3.2 displayFooter 1
Social networking block v1.2.2 displayFooter 2
Categories block v2.9.4 displayFooter 3
Layered navigation block v2.2.0 displayFooter 4
CMS block v2.1.2 displayFooter 5
My account block for your website's footer v1.6.1 displayFooter 6
Contact information block v1.2.1 displayFooter 7
Data mining for statistics v1.6.2 displayFooter 8
Theme configurator v2.1.2 displayFooter 9
TemplateMonster Olark Chat v1.0.2 displayFooter 10
TM Infinite Scroll v1.0.0 displayFooter 11
TM Newsletter v1.1.0 displayFooter 12
TM Slider v1.0.0 displayFooter 13
TM HTML Content v1.1 displayFooter 14
TM Social Feeds v1.2.4 displayFooter 15
Payment logos block. v0.4.1 displayFooter 16
TM Category Products v1.0.0 displayHomeTab 1
TM Category Products v1.0.0 displayHomeTabContent 1
TM Homepage Products Carousel v1.0.3 displayHomeTabContent 2
Theme configurator v2.1.2 displayTopColumn 1
TM Slider v1.0.0 displayTopColumn 2
TM HTML Content v1.1 displayTopColumn 3
TM Look Book Home Page v1.0.0 displayTopColumn 4
TM Products Slider v2.0.0 displayTopColumn 5
Currency block v0.4.1 displayNav 1
Language block v1.5.1 displayNav 2
Contact block v1.4.1 displayNav 3
TM Header Account Block v2.0.1 displayNav 4
TM HTML Content v1.1 displayNav 5
TM Social Feeds v1.2.4 displayNav 6

2. Configuring images

In PrestaShop you can use predefined image dimensions for product images, category images, manufacturers etc.

For example, images of the 'home' dimensions are usually used for the category listing product images, 'large' for main product image on the product info page.

To configure product image dimensions, open your PrestaShop admin panel, go to Preferences > Images and set the image dimensions as displayed below:

PictureWidth (px)Height (px)
small_default 98 125
medium_default 125 160
home_default 500 642
large_default 800 979
thickbox_default 1000 1000
category_default 270 346
scene_default 520 189
m_scene_default 161 58
tm_home_default 500 642
tm_large_default 800 979
tm_small_default 98 125
tm_cart_default 175 222
tm_medium_default 125 160
tm_thickbox_default 1000 1000
tm_category_default 270 346
cart_default 80 102
tm_search_results 140 179

3. Page layout settings

In Prestashop you can activate or deactivate sidebars for subpages, featured in table.

To configure layout, open your PrestaShop admin panel, go to Preferences > Themes > Advanced settings.

MetaLeft ColumnRight Column
Address +
Addresses +
Best sales +
category +
Contact us
Discount +
Guest tracking +
Order history
Identity +
Manufacturers +
module-bankwire-payment +
module-bankwire-validation +
module-blockwishlist-mywishlist +
module-blockwishlist-view +
module-cheque-payment +
module-cheque-validation +
Smartblog archive +
Smartblog category +
Smartblog details +
Smartblog search +
Smartblog tagpost +
module-tmcollections-collection +
module-tmcollections-collections +
module-tmsearch-search +
My account
New products +
Order confirmation
Order follow
Credit slip +
Forgot your password
Prices drop +
Products Comparison
Suppliers +